Sunday, 16 October 2011

Back Once Again for the Renegade Master

Well, I am indeed sitting here with a brew next to me, the window open and the grey sky of England above, but I never expected for this new entry to have been such a long time in coming.

Its been well over a year since my return to Blighty, and in that time I've drank copious cups of tea and coffee, successfully graduated from Japanese Studies with Spanish at University of Sheffield (2:1 - Boom), and done not a lot else really.

Big Ones have been few and far between with final year proving to be a right bitch with the work load and dissertation writing. However, I have been able to have a few, including the Lads Tour to Prague (Oi Oi!!), some Big Ones on the Welsh coast, and once again increasing my chances of high blood pressure through consuming copious amounts of wine and red meat in Argentina.

'So what next?' I hear you cry. Well, I wouldn't have started writing this entry if there wasn't something Big coming along and after having been on the dole for the last month or so, I am finally once again heading off east.

Unable to land a serious job in London I have decided to become an English teacher in Japan for a year in the hope of gaining some fluency to my Japanese, getting some work experience, and generally letting the Big Ones role once again. This means that I'll once again be putting pen to paper, or rather finger tip to keyboard, in the hope of providing an entertaining insight into my experiences for anyone who cares.

So grab yourself a glass of juice (Heg, I'm sure you don't need telling) and join me once again as I resume my search for the Big Ones.