Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Little Ones

It's been a full month since the creation of this blog, and yet I still find myself having not left the miserable gray shores of England (it really has been miserable weather eh?). However, the purpose of this blog was to document all aspects of my travels, not only the Big Ones, but also the build up to them.

With the start of my overseas travels immanent (I leave for Argentina in less than 48 hours) I may as well let you guys know what's cracking.

Firstly, since last week I have been pretty busy sorting out my applications for my Japanese university. The documents ended up coming last Wednesday, but I was unable to sort them out until Sunday (by which time I had already missed one of the deadlines...). I ended up receiving the scholarship which is basically means that I don't pay for accommodation fees (hells!). But the rules for the place are a bit of a joke (12 midnight curfew, and no guests allowed at all?!?!). Following that, I had to go down to London on Monday in order to apply for my visa - a journey I will have to make again tomorrow in order to pick it up, all in all, proving to be a pretty bucksy expenditure. The silver lining is that thanks to my Italian passport, the visa is free (bells!).

Secondly, the reason I was unable to sort out the documents any early was due to a brief Sheffield road trip from Thursday to Saturday which involved Bruno (referee!), alcohol (hmmm) and poker winnings (radstock). Aside from being viciously attacked on the first day, it was a pretty rad trip, and was reassuring to see that the house was still standing (good job Josephine!).

On another note, I received my results from my second year a little while ago, and it was fair to say that I'm still going strong, apart from a slight blip in Japanese which will hopefully be corrected over the following year.

So that's pretty much it for now, I've been filling up the spare time trying to improve at racket sports, acquiring a taste for wine, and having the occasional pot noodle. ;)

Oh well, the next time you hear from me I should be well into my travels, searching for "Los Grandes" in Buenos Aires.

Inabizzle fo shizzle ma nizzle dizzle.

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