Saturday, 1 August 2009

Oink oink

Well, no doubt many of you have been checking the blog regularly in the hope of finding a new update, only to be constantly dissappointed by a lack of activity. But believe me, this is through no intention of my own.

I arrived in Buenos Aires bright and early a week ago today. The sky was blue and though it's winter here, I would describe the temperature as mild rather than cold. Since then, the weather has remained relatively unchanged (I am yet to have seen rain fall) and this has allowed a flurry of activities revolving around family members that reside here in the capital. On Sunday, we accompanied my cousins and uncles to the out-of-town rowing club, and spent the day basking in the sunshine and rowing down the river. The following day was spent wondering the large shopping streets, eating ice cream, and generally soaking in the "porteño" vibe.

Life was good.

Then calamity struck.

My sister woke up on Tuesday complaining of a sore throat, cough, and a headache, and by Wednesday I also had much the same along with a fever. My uncle who's a doctor took me to the hospital and I was seen to immediately and prescribed tamiflu which I have been taking twice a day since.

Well, that's been pretty much it so far. I have been confined to my grandmothers apartment (where we're all staying), and am made to wear a mask when not in my bedroom. So all in all it's been pretty lame, and not really the Big Ones I had been expecting. Although, on a plus note, I have started feeling much better and should be back to normal within a few more days.

Until then, its tamiflu, ibuprofen, and a lot of rest for me.

Inabit folks.

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